Sunday, 10 November 2013

Put no pressure on doing things you like to do.

Since the release of our latest artist collaboration series, people have been asking us, when are we going to make a mass production on our product and put on their nearest retail stores. Making many quantity and design. We rather make it small because there's no pressure on us on making our things and product. Beside that we still can manage the quantity and the quality of our product because we like to print and silkscreen our own design and packaging even it's quite a hard work. It's not that we don't want to have our own store or put it on others retail store. It's still new to us and there's still a lot of things we need to learn. Maybe one day we will have our own proper store :). Just keep on doing what you like to do and put no pressure on doing things you like to do.

We are happy to say that our collection has delivered to all buyers, friends and family who supported us since day one. We really appreciate it. We will keep on taking ordering via our Facebook at

Thank you for believing and for the support. Do create your own donuts and keep on doing what you love to do. Peace :)

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Doing photo shoot with my cat at our small humbled studio

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