Thursday, 10 October 2013

Talented graphic artist, Ismail Arsad

A very talented friend done this artwork.
It's a collaboration series which we will do the silkscreen on t-shirt and poster.

Who is Ismael Arsad. His nick name is Toad Mcfroggy. His a Sub editor of OysterComic ArtZine in year 2003-2004. A former member of Bangkit since 2005-2007. An official designer/founder of Effekts (lomokids) 2005-present. Painting artist/Creative Director of Neurotic Solo - Art Studio 2008 - Present.

Say hi, add him and Follow his Instagram @toadmcfroggy. If you guys need his graphic or illustration services, please contact him. He won't bite and a very friendly person :) .
Good luck and keep up the good work Ismail Arsad.

Ismail Arsad

Dirty Donuts
Artwork by

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